Circular Saw TH-CS 1400/1

The TH-CS 1400/1 hand-held circular saw is a very powerful DIY tool and versatile helper on numerous cutting-to-size jobs in wood. Sawing depth and tilt angle of the saw can be adjusted without tools, and with the carbide blade you can make cuts both with and across the grain.

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  • Powerful circular saw for straight cuts in wood materials
  • Safe stop thanks to large handle
  • Also with splitter for greater safety on the job
  • Splitter adapts automatically to the cutting depth
  • Carbide blade for sawing both with and across the grain
  • Cutting depth adjustment without tools for top cutting results
  • Saw table adjustment without tools for angular cuts
  • Complete with parallel stop for accurate cuts
  • Complete with connection for dust extraction
  • Long-lasting, galvanized soleplate
  • Softstart function: Safety through limited starting current
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